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Why WOLFedu?  Education is our main focus when it comes to firearms and personal safety - not just another concealed carry permit farm.

Our mission at WOLFedu. is to provide our students with clear, concise, firearms training so they feel confident and comfortable handling firearms in a safe manner. We also provide non-leathal crime prevention classes that train you how to avoid and how to react to bad situations. Learn in a fun, relaxed environment. Call Today!


randy-teachingThe National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1871 that promotes firearm competency, safety, and ownership, as well as police training, marksmanship, hunting and self-defense training in the United States and is recognized throughout the world.

We provide NRA training for the Southwest Florida area. Most NRA courses provide the necessary instruction for you to obtain your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License, as well as most out of state permits. Located in Punta Gorda, we are able to provide training in Port Charlotte, North Port, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral. You can come to us, or we can come to you. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help you with your training needs. Our classes are a little more laid back and fun compared to a lot of "tactical tommy" courses you will find out there. If you are looking for informative, encouraging, non judgmental training, WOLFedu. is the place for you.

Just purchased a firearm, or thinking about it? Do you have a firearm but are unsure how to use it properly?

NRA FIRST Steps Programs - $75
(Firearm Instruction, Reponsibility and Safey Training)

An NRA® program designed for new shooters. It provides hands-on orientation to one specific rifle, pistol or shotgun model in as little as four hours, and that's including range time. Our FIRST Steps Pistol is a bit more involved and requires 5 hours to complete. We provide the firearms, and ammunition, included in the price.

Click HERE to learn more about our FIRST Steps Pistol Training

Courses are offered in the following disciplines:
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Refuse to be a Victim®
  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Muzzleloading Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun
  • Metalic Cartridge Reloading
  • Shotgun Shell Reloading

Our instructors are required to have, at a minimum, the NRA Certified Instructor & Range Safety Officer Credentials for training.